"Giving hope where it has been lost, opportunity for those who want it, community for the lonely, and acceptance for all."

we provide community

We identify community as having many layers. We ask our residents to become contributing members of the community by becoming engaged through attendance, employment, or volunteerism. We work to create community interactions with the goal of developing nurturing support systems. 

Our History

We provide support

LovinGrace uses a case management approach to meet the needs of our residents. We develop individualized goals with our residents to help them transition to permanent housing with the appropriate level of supports they may need.

what we do


"God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day."   Psalm 46:5

Young women usually come to LovinGrace in crisis. Their turmoil, both physical and spiritual is addressed through programming elements that keep in mind our founders dream and mission........"Giving hope where it has been lost, opportunity for those who want it, community for the lonely, and acceptance for all."

LovinGrace works with young women, aged 17-24, who are in transition. We offer young women hope. Hope for a new life, new opportunities, a new future, and a new career path by using a case management approach that focuses on the areas of education, employment, and spiritual growth. 

We provide a Home

We work with young women who have aged out of foster care, are homeless, whose families are in crisis, or who have limited support systems to obtain the skills and education they need to live a productive life on their own. 

2013 - Our founders and Board of Directors begin to develop a mission and work to remodel our current home. 
2014 - LovinGrace opens it's doors in February and serves nine young women in it's first year of operation. 
2018 - At the end of this year, LovinGrace had served a total of 70 young women with 9,346 nights of safe shelter.
2019 - Recognizing an unmet need in our community, the LovinGrace Board of Directors prepares to expand it's program and build an additional facility to house the homeless pregnant and parenting young women, aged 17-24, in our community.

2020- On October 1stLovinGrace breaks ground on their new home for pregnant and parenting young women.

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