1414 Euclid Joplin MO 64801 US

loving grace is ...

A place for young women in the Four-States area, ages 18-24, to establish a fresh start.

A safe harbor, offering acceptance, opportunities for growth, and a place to belong.

A safe and caring Christian environment where you may gain skills and experience to more fully live on your own. 

For further information:

email        Info@Lovin-grace.org

or call       417-540-8640

 LovinGrace provides a home for homeless young women, aged 18-24. We have been open for four years and it's time to fill in the gaps! We have come to realize that each young woman going through our programming and committing to furthering their education and spiritual growth studies deserves a private study desk in their room. We have attempted to keep our rooms refreshed as the young women have come and gone since opening, but it's time for some of our rooms to have updates! We need towels, bedbug proof mattress pads, pillows, bedding, lamps, and desks for our rooms! 

Please help us reach our goal of $3200 to refresh and add to our eight dormitory style resident accomodations! Thank you for your help to provide for the young women of LovinGrace!