PO Box 576 Joplin MO 64802 US



PO Box 576 Joplin MO 64802 US


what we offer

You will live in a Christian community with other young women, much like living in a college dorm.  You will contribute to the community by sharing in the responsibilities of the household, including housekeeping.

· You will learn to plan and manage your budget, gain skills for obtaining employment, and build life and spiritual skills to help you establish healthy relationships and live as a fully contributing member of society.

· You earn credits for participating in the incentive program, which may pay up to 100% of the rent.

If you have “aged-out” of foster care, or have found yourself struggling to live alone in an unstable or unsafe place without supportive healthy relationships, then Loving Grace may be the place for you. For further information, email:     Info@lovin-grace.org